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About me

I have been making art longer than I can remember. From finger painting in kindergarten to drawing comics in my high school note books, I have always had a burning passion to create.

In 2008 I began making art professionally. Since then I've had art displayed in art galleries, coffee shops, and museums across the country. I have also traveled to Art Festivals and Comic Cons showing my paintings, illustrations, and comic books. In 2016 I went back to school to study fine arts and graphic design. I focus most of my energy on my comic books because I think the world needs more obscure indie comics and less mainstream superheroes. 


What is Delighted Ghost Studio?

I use the word "studio" as a blanket term for all that I do. I enjoy experimenting and pushing to see how far I can go. When I'm in the studio (which is anywhere I want it to be) I'm illustrating, screen printing, animating, painting, publishing, or creating logos. Delighted Ghost Studio is where I flex my creativity in ways that challenge everything I know. 

The story behind the logo:

One day I got bored and designed a cute ghost logo and immediately created a brand around it.

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Too Much Michael - 2013

This was such a fun project! In the early 2010's I met a bunch of artists generating a small community of self publishing madness. We all swapped little comics with each other and printed them in our books. Too Much Michael is a product of a very creative experience.

Octopus Inc. - 2015

The comic that was never meant to be! Octopus Inc began as an attempt to practice laying out comic panels. I used two characters to fill in space and 29 pages later I had an obscure story that I felt needed to be told. 

Other Projects

I was involved with a plethora of comic projects around the time I published Too Much Michael. To my knowledge, these are the only books that made it to print with my work.

filthy cake.png

Delighted Ghost Comix - 2021

When the world shut down I began drawing comics again. Delighted Ghost Comix is a collection of single page comics created to, at the very least, make you smile. Gone are the days of continuations and story arcs, each page is its own story.


Color Work

In 2020 I received the opportunity to color a short comic for Fox Storytelling based on their graphic novel "NEX: Superheroes for the Rest of Us." Illustrated by Stephen Fox himself, the comic follows a minor villain with big ambitions as he tries to take over the world from large retail store. The comic was created specifically for an anthology book and it was an honor to be a part of it.


Illustration will always be my main schtick; however, I get to flex my graphic design skills from time to time. Most of my logo work is created for my own projects; but sometimes I get hired to create for a company in need of an image


I am not a professional animator, I just like to make fun little cartoons.